The Terms of Service

The following document sets out the terms and conditions of use of the Lastville website. By registering in the Lastville game, you accept and agree to be bound by this license agreement.

§1 Definitions

Website - "Lastville" website operating at
External website - websites of partners, service providers or recipients cooperating with the Administrator.
User - a physical person registering on the Website
Device - an electronic device with software through which the User gains access to the Website.
Cookies - text data collected in the form of files placed on the User's Device.

§2 Scope of application

2.1. The following General Terms and Conditions are applied for the use of games and additional services as well as mobile applications provided by KIPLAPEL.
2.2. In addition to the General Terms and Conditions, the Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy also apply, which the user should read in order to accept them, which is required to complete the account registration process on the website.
2.3. The General Terms and Conditions, the Privacy Policy and the Cookies Policy apply to every user registered on the website, without any exceptions.

§3 Conclusion of the Agreement

3.1. In order to register on the website, it is required (in addition to meeting point §2.2) that the User provides data, such as: e-mail address and password. In order to use the website, the User should activate the account via the link received to the e-mail address provided
3.2. Persons under 18 years of age require the consent of a parent or legal guardian who will read and accept the provisions of this license agreement. Minors cannot play the game without the supervision of a parent or legal guardian.
3.3. Each User account created on the website is the property of KIPLAPEL. The user only receives the right of use.

§4 Account

4.1. When logging in to the website for the first time, the User will be asked to enter the username. Username that violate the law, ethical or technical rules are not allowed. In the event of violation of these rules, KIPLAPEL has the right to change or delete the selected username, without requiring the User's consent.
4.2. The user is not entitled to receive a specific username.
4.3. It is forbidden to pass the account on to third parties, against payment or free of charge, without the express consent of KIPLAPEL. If a third party uses the User's Account, because they obtained access to the User's Login Data, because of User's fault, then it will be treated as if the User personally used the Account.

§5 Changes to the General Terms and Conditions of the Agreement.

KIPLAPEL reserves the right to amend and supplement the General Terms and Conditions, the Privacy Policy and the Cookie Policy at any time, if it proves necessary for justified reasons (in particular to adapt them to the current legal status, legal provisions or to adapt them to technical achievements, to close the regulatory gaps and to expand the range of KIPLAPEL services).

§6 Premium Services

6.1. KIPLAPEL offers the possibility of using certain additional services for a specific fee. Premium services include, but are not limited to, virtual elements and additional game functions.
6.2. The contract for the purchase of paid services is concluded when the User, after selecting a specific Premium Service, sends his consent to the selected offer via the "Purchase" button or similar in the Premium Services Panel. The user will receive an order confirmation to the e-mail address provided or by notification on the website.
6.3. The User is informed about the method of payment and the applicable price for the selected Premium Service before placing an order on the website.
6.4. KIPLAPEL reserves the right to change the types, scope and content of Premium Services, as well as to offer new Premium Services, change or discontinue individual Premium Services at any time.
6.5. It is not possible to exchange Premium Services for real currency.
6.6. The purchase of Premium Services does not confer ownership rights, only the right to use. The scope of the granted right of use depends on the given Premium Service described in the offer.

§7 User Responsibilities

7.1. The User declares that he has provided true and current data during registration and while using Premium Services.
7.2. The User undertakes to immediately notify KIPLAPEL of any changes to these data (by supplementing them in the Settings on the website) and to confirm their correctness at the request of KIPLAPEL.
7.3. The user is obliged to keep all login details confidential and to protect their login details against access by third parties. In a situation where the User is convinced that his login details have been stolen or third parties have obtained unauthorized access to them, he is obliged to change these data by himself via the website or via KIPLAPEL.
7.4. The User undertakes to unconditionally comply with the rules described in the General Terms and Conditions of the Agreement.
7.5. Under the License Agreement, the User may use the current version of the website. The user acknowledges that the games offered by KIPLAPEL - like all software - are not free from errors. The user undertakes to report all detected errors to the website administrator.

§8 Prohibited activities.

8.1. Any activities that may interfere with the functioning of the website are forbidden.
8.2. It is forbidden to use software, mechanisms and procedures that disrupt the operation of the website and cause system overload.
8.3. It is forbidden to use software that cheats the website, and/or is also used for regular or automatic control of account activities (e.g. bots), as well as software for playing or analyzing the game.
8.4. It is forbidden to use the so-called bugs or errors on KIPLAPEL websites or applications to benefit yourself and / or other Users. The user undertakes to report all detected bugs and errors to the website administrator..
8.5. Any attempts to obtain data from Users are forbidden, as well as the use of software that allows datamining or gathering information related to the website.
8.6. Virtual items and virtual in-game currency cannot be traded for real money.
8.7. Also forbidden:
- posting offensive, threatening or violating personal rights content and links to third parties containing such content;
- breaking or persuading to break applicable law or posting links redirecting to this type of content; - impersonating a third party;
- sharing personal data and confidential data without authorization;
- organizing and advertising commercial activities of third parties;
- publishing and propagating content that may disrupt the website, damage servers or other elements of the program infrastructure (e.g. by spreading Trojans).

The content described in section (§ 8.7) above will be removed.

§9 Termination of the Agreement

9.1.The License Agreement is concluded for an indefinite period of time, but may be terminated at any time without giving any reason.
9.2. KIPLAPEL has the right to delete inactive Accounts. Accounts on which no activity, including logging, has been noticed, for a period longer than 90 days are considered inactive accounts. In such cases, the License Agreement will be terminated automatically.
9.3. Any breach of the Terms and Conditions of the Agreement is the basis for immediate termination of the Agreement, and thus deletion of the account. Overo KIPLAPEL reserves the right to withdraw legal consequences in relation to the above actions (in particular, violation of the provisions described in points §7 and §8).